By using Alternapak packaging material, your packaging costs can be reduced without any compromise to quality, safety or efficiency. More than 6 billion Alternapak cartons have been filled and consumed in the highly demanding European market. These volumes are proof of the premium quality and reliability of the Alternapak products.

The excellent quality of printing, coating, runability, logistics, service and accessory products related to Alternapak cartons is safeguarded by state-of-the-art process control systems embedded in audited management systems. Sustainability is an integral part of our quality and work processes.


ISO 9001 certificate Alternapak Production 2016-2019
ISO 9001 certificate Alternapak Europe BV 2018-2021
ISO 22000 certificate Alternapak Europe BV 2018 – 2021
ISO 14001 certificate Alternapak Europe BV 2018-2021

BRC Pack Alternapak production certificate 2018 – 2019

FSC Certificate Alternapak Production 2016-2020
FSC certificate Alternapak Europe BV 2016 – 2021

PEFC certificate Alternapak Production 2016-2020
PEFC certificate Alternapak Europe BV 2015 – 2020

Quality is a way of thinking, living in the mind of people. In Alternapak we work hard to create and maintain a fair and safe working environment based on team work, in which people are invited to contribute to quality and safety and where they feel motivated to develop themselves both as individuals and as team members. Motivated people are the heart of successful systems.

Our Business Philiosophy