Since 1999 a team of beverage carton experts from the former gable top carton supplier Variopak  had been working on the Alternapak concept for alternative aseptic packaging material. This team strongly believed in the concept of unbundling: separation of the traditional combined supply of filling machine and beverage cartons. First commercial supplies started in Germany in 2006. The thorough technical and commercial preparation laid the foundation for the establishment of an independent Alternapak in 2009, as a joint venture of the Austrian investment company Frapag Beteiligungsholding AG, Cartotecnica Veneta SpA in Italy, and Octogon BV in the Netherlands. A dedicated production plant was created in Northern Italy near Vicenza.

In January 2016 the production plant for brick-type packaging reels was fully integrated into the Alternapak Group, while the owners of Cartotecnica remained shareholder and partner of Alternapak. In 2017 it was decided to expand the plant with equipment for the production of cartons for Combibloc and gable top filling machines. As from 2019 Alternapak can offer unbundling of carton supply for the three major systems of beverage cartons, brick, block and gable top.