Business philosophy

The Business philosophy of Alternapak

Alternapak is a European beverage carton manufacturer that creates value for its customers by supplying alternative cartons for existing filling-machine systems. Alternapak strives to excel on the market with premium products and premium service for premium customers – customers who are used to the very best without any compromises.

Our Business Philiosophy

Through its lean approach, and by focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, Alternapak can offer premium quality at a price that enables customers to reduce filling costs and Alternapak to grow on the basis of a sustainable business model.

This ambition is anchored in 4 core values, symbolised by the 4 corners of the blue square in the Alternapak logo. These 4 core values are: be Lean, Clean, Professional and Reliable.

4 core values

Lean means the focus on what is essential, effective and efficient. As Alternapak promises to provide products of premium quality with premium service at competitive prices, it must think and act lean.

Clean means respect for people, our planet and the rules of fair play. Without this respect, the company will lose its basis for societal sustainability. We only create results of which we can be proud.

Professional means that our work and our products always meet the highest standards in the industry – premium in all respects.

Reliable means that we always do our utmost to build up trust by our uncompromising commitment to quality, service and safety – zero defects in all processes.

Alternapak selects business relations and likewise strives to be selected by business relations who can be expected to endorse its business values.

With its business values in mind, Alternapak intends to create and maintain a fair and safe working environment based on team work, in which people are invited to contribute to the common goals and where they feel motivated to develop themselves both as individuals and as team members.